Faculty and Staff

Sanatha Alexis, Principal

Photo Pending
Peter Sacca, Assistant Principal
Social Studies/ Law
New Opportunity Program
Halley Tache, Assistant Principal 
Reading Lab
ESL and Collaborative Team Teaching 
Jill Klinofsky: Secretary/

Organization and House

Martin Young: Parent Coordinator
Parent ARIS Link Administrator
Organization and Attendance. Immunization 


Marie Petit Blanc: Mathematics

Deirdre Deloatch: English

Brady Zelenka: English/Culinary Arts 

Aimee Mateo: English/ Yearbook

Carine Darnell: ESL/ Culinary Arts

James Rusk, Social Worker, Interborough DCC




Monifa Kincaid: Physical Education/ Dance
Dance Ensemble
Tap and African Dance
Co-Teaching Theater Group (Bright Promise)

Jacob Beck: P

hysical Education/ Dean

Fitness Club
Sports Intramurals

Christopher Birkel: US History/ Economics & Gov't

"Prejudices, it is well known, are more  difficult to eradicate from the heart whose soil has never been loosened or fertilized by education; they grow there, firm as weeds among recks.   

David McGill: 

Global Studies /Economics/ Engineering 

Edward Winn: 

Global Studies/ Virtual Enterprise,/ College Now

Sumon Roy: Chemistry

Verona Scott, Spanish

Grisett Medrano Lopez: Paraprofessional/

Student Support

Kenneth TanzerGuidance: High School and College Preparation

Mark Alan Thompson: National Educator Program Partner/AP Psychology, Innovation Magazine, NEP Ambassadors, /Teacher Coach
        "Beaten paths are for beaten men"